Northern Russian Dialects

Версия на русском языке

15 вып. Севернорусские говорыThe "Northern Russian Dialects" (NRD) is an academic journal focusing on the problems of dialectology, the inter-ethnic and inter-language contacts in the Russian North, particularly Russian, Baltic and Finnish contacts. The journal is published once a year from 1969 by the Interdepartmental Lexicografical Studio named prof. Larin at Philological Faculty, St. Petersburg State University (SPSU) and from 2015 by the Institute for Linguistic Studies (ILI), Russian Academy of Sciences. The journal was founded by the famous Russian philologist prof. Boris Larin.

The publications are mostly based on the extensive fieldwork with the focus on the regional vocabularies. The Journal is characterized by the wide comparative and historical background, draws attention to the ancient Russian regional literature, and highlights the issues of historical geography. The content of the publications corresponds to the following groups of scientific specialties: 10.00.00. Philology (10.02.01. Russian language; 10.02.02. Languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation).

The publication in the "Northern Russian Dialects" is free for authors.


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Full texts of the editions

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Nothern Russian Dialects' 11. Saint Petersburg, SPBU, 2010. 168 p.

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Nothern Russian Dialects' 13. Saint Petersburg, SPBU, 2014. 347 p.

Nothern Russian Dialects' 14. Saint Petersburg, Nestor, 2015. 320 p.

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